Tracking Baby Growth

At the beginning of April, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We are both very excited and exhausted like any first time parents. It is also quite a challenge to have a regular schedule and to find the time to write new posts. But hey, I’m not complaining.


We are thrilled to have our daughter and we look forward to sharing life’s adventures with her.
Besides the sleepless nights and hectic schedule, as new parents we are concerned about keeping track of her growth and development. We want to make sure she feeds well

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Phonics Play for Early Readers

Parents are often challenged to find creative ways to get their kids excited and interested in reading at a young age. We know how important reading skills are for children’s academic success and futures. Ultimately, we want to engage our kids and get them to read. It seems to me that one of the key ingredients is the fun factor. That is, if we can make reading fun, kids will want to do it. The question is how?


With the arrival of electronic devices such as the iPad and other tablets, kids seem to be spending more and more time in front of screens (not to mention the television, computer, etc.). But with the digital and interactive technology offered by the iPad, we now have a unique opportunity to encourage our kids to practice and develop their reading skills. Sky Fish Phonics and Hideout: Early Reading are two Apps that may offer an answer.

In this post, I will introduce you to two Apps. Sky Fish Phonics is an educational and fun game for young children that teaches basic reading skills

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Baby Bedtime Music

Some of my friends recently became parents. With all the joy and happiness that being a new parent means, there are not surprisingly a few complaints about the disrupted and poor nights of sleep. Baby has certainly changed their lives for the better but baby’s sleep is usually an issue.


Luckily there are plenty of Baby Apps for iPad

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King of Maths

When kids are asked about their hardest subject in school, the answer is generally math. Of course, parents and teachers know the importance of math and want their children to achieve good marks. For many children, success means a lot of practice and studying. Kids in general want to play and have fun but practicing math usually does not qualify…


Unless, you discover King of Maths.

King of Maths is a fun and engaging math game for children

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Math Apps on ipad

Math in school. Some kids loved it, many, well… not so much…

I used to love math as a kid. History, geography were not really my preferred subjects but math used to be fun and easy for me. The story was different with my younger siblings. They didn’t like it or enjoy it. Math homework was always last on their procrastinating list and I remember staying up late with them trying to explain them some topics or helping them out by correcting their homework.

Lots of kids do not like math but maybe it’s because they find it boring or because they do not like their teacher’s style. But hey!, this is the 21st century and iPads can help make a difference

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Parental control on iPad

If you are a parent or grandparent, sooner or later you’ll have to allow your kids or grandkids to play with your iPad (or maybe their own?). After you show them the basics for the first time on how to use the multi touch screen, access the Internet or their favorite games, chances are that they will learn super fast and know better than yourself how to do certain things…
Besides the iPad falling or the kids playing frisbee with it, you may be concerned about them accessing certain inappropriate content on the web or modifying your configuration settings on the device.


To manage these issues you can enable Restrictions on your iPad. Restrictions allows you to enable or disable certain apps and privileges on your tablet.

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Children’s books on iPad

Do your children like to read?

Would you like them to read more?

Are you looking to make reading more appealing and fun for your kids?

It seems that kids in general love the iPad. It’s interesting to see how the new generation is growing up having access to technology we could have only dreamed about many years ago. For them is a given, a natural thing. Waking up and opening the iPad, getting access to the Internet, playing games

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5 Halloween Free apps

Trick or Treat?!!!


Halloween is coming up and you’d better stock up with candy and treats for the little ones before they show at your door.

Now, is your iPad ready for Halloween?

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