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Who does not love comic books? I certainly have fond memories of spending hours reading the latest adventures of Archie, Spiderman, and Batman when I was a kid.

While I may no longer be inclined to buy a comic book in a store, I have rediscovered my enjoyment of comics through the iPad! And, I recently got reacquainted with my old friends Archie, Betty, and Veronica :)

In this post, I will discuss the Comixology App and potentially help you return to your source of childhood entertainment.

If you are interested, look for “Comics” or “Comixology” in the App store. Do you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps? have a look at this post.

The App is free to download but offers in-app purchases for paid comic books. You can also download some free comic books.

To download either free or paid comic books, you will need to create a free account.



Once you open Comixology, you will notice 2 main menus (top/bottom). Each menu offers you different ways to filter for comic books, i.e.: Featured, Just Added (or new), Popular (paid and free), Marvel and DC Comics, Publishers, Series, Creators, etc.


The More menu offers you quick links to graphic novels, kids comics, top rated, free comics and more.

My Comics

Any comic book you download can be found on the My Comics page.


To start reading a comic book, tap on its cover and swipe back and forth through its pages.

Buy once, read anywhere

Comixology allows you to buy once and read on any of your devices. The purchases menu shows all the comic books that are available on your account. The list shows both paid and free comic books.


If you downloaded a comic book and started reading it on your iPhone, using the purchases menu, you can get hold of it for example on your iPad.

Guided View

Comixology offers an interesting feature that makes reading comics on your iPad more fun. By tapping twice on your comic book page Guided View allows you to zoom in and focus on each segment of the story. Swipe to continue to the next segment or tap twice to get out of the Guided View mode.

guided-view-examples guided-view-examples2

Portrait and Landscape View

Of course, the App takes advantage of portrait and landscape modes. Just rotate your iPad to see the difference! Also, depending on the comic book and your configuration, you can view two pages side by side on landscape mode.


Do you know any other comic book Apps? Which one is your favorite?
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