Parental control on iPad

If you are a parent or grandparent, sooner or later you’ll have to allow your kids or grandkids to play with your iPad (or maybe their own?). After you show them the basics for the first time on how to use the multi touch screen, access the Internet or their favorite games, chances are that they will learn super fast and know better than yourself how to do certain things…
Besides the iPad falling or the kids playing frisbee with it, you may be concerned about them accessing certain inappropriate content on the web or modifying your configuration settings on the device.


To manage these issues you can enable Restrictions on your iPad. Restrictions allows you to enable or disable certain apps and privileges on your tablet.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad, iPad 2, The new iPad
iOS versions: iOS 5, iOS 6 and up

Enabling Restrictions

To enable restrictions, from the Home screen tap on Settings.

iPad Settings icon

Then tap on Restrictions.


Assuming Restrictions is currently disabled, your Restrictions screen will look like this.


Enable Restrictions by tapping on the “Enable Restrictions” button. You will be requested to set a restrictions Passcode and then to re enter it to confirm.

Note: The Restrictions passcode does not necessarily have to be the same as the general Passcode lock you use when you open your iPad.

Warning: It is very important that you remember the Passcode you set, otherwise you will not be able to manage Restrictions on your iPad and you may lose access to some key features on your iPad.


You can see there are several apps (i.e. Safari, YouTube, Facetime, etc) that you can enable/disable from here. You can also enable or disable changes for Location Services and Accounts (Mail, Calendar, Contacts ). Furthermore, you can filter the allowed content, app purchases and game center availability.

Example disabling built in apps:

As an example, we are going to disable Safari and FaceTime.

Turn off “Safari” and “FaceTime” by tapping on the “on/off” button and moving it to the off position.


Now tap on the go to Home Screen button and you’ll see that the Safari and FaceTime icons have disappeared. If at this point you hand over your iPad to your kids or grandkids, they will be able to use everything but Safari or FaceTime unless they know the passcode to change the Restrictions.


Disabling Restrictions

To disable restrictions, from the Home screen tap on Settings.

iPad Settings icon

Then tap on Restrictions.


You will be prompted to enter a passcode to access Restrictions. After entering the passcode, tap on the disable Restrictions button.


Enter your Restrictions passcode on the popup.


Restrictions are now disabled. If you press the Home screen button, you’ll see that the Safari and FaceTime icons are back on the Home screen.

Do you share your iPad with your kids? Would you be more comfortable letting them use it after enabling parental controls or restrictions?
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