iPadOS training for iPad PRO, iPad and iPad Air

In this course you will learn about the new iPadOS and its most important features for iPad PRO, iPad and iPad Air. I built this iPadOS training to help you get the most out of your iPad. Lessons are delivered through step by step videos, articles and presentations.

iPadOS training

How is this iPadOS training organized?

There are currently 9 modules or sections (including the introduction). Several lessons have free previous available.

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iPad Basics

In this section I begin by explaining you about the current main iPad models, their buttons, connectors, cameras, speakers, microphones and hardware characteristics such as memory and CPU.

Then we move on to how to check your iPad version, connecting to a Wi-Fi network, adjusting your iPad display and using features such as dark mode and night shift.

Multitasking and Gestures

This is an introduction to iPad shortcuts (also known as Gestures). Gestures let you use your tablet more efficiently. I will explain to you how to use features such as split view, slide over, switching from one app to another as well as how to open Control center, Notification center, and Today View.

Getting Organized with iPad

I will introduce you to the Calendar, Clock, Contacts and Reminders Apps. I will explain their screen layouts and features. I will walk you through examples of creating, editing and deleting appointments, contacts, reminders, lists, alarms and clocks for different cities around the world.

I will also showcase and explain the Bedtime feature available on the Clock App.

App Management

Here’s where you and your iPad start interacting with the outside world over the Internet and the possibilities expand. You will learn how to create an Apple ID, how to navigate the App store and download Apps. I will show you how to arrange Apps on the iPad home screen, how to create folders to group Apps and how to delete Apps.

How to Search on iPad

iPadOS has a powerful functionality: Search. You can search for Apps, messages, documents, music, emails and more. I’ll show you how to do a search on iPad with an example.

iPad PRO and Apple Pencil

Bluetooth Connectivity

In this section I will discuss about Apple Pencil 1st and 2nd generations and show you how to use the Apple Pencil.

You will learn as well how to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your iPad.

Tips & Tricks

I’ll show you some cool tips and tricks that can help you with your iPad everyday usage. For example: Adding new languages to your keyboard, How to check memory usage and shortcuts to open Wi-Fi and Bluetooth menus faster.


The FaceTime App is a video conferencing tool and has come a long way since its initial release. In this lesson I will teach you the basics of FaceTime and how to use advanced features such as effects for iPad devices with true depth cameras.

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