I have always been passionate about computers, electronics and the digital world but above all I discovered at an early age that I always liked explaining and teaching other people about computers.  I did it for many years with my parents, I do it nowadays with my wife and friends, and it gives me great joy realizing that I can help others by making somewhat complicated issues simple.

This blog is about teaching you how to use the iPad

Hello, my name is Gabriel. I’m a computer engineer by profession and was a recreational leader in the past. You can think of me as your “friendly nerd” :-))

I’ve been working on putting together this blog for more than 4 years now. I want to help you learn about the iPad and its features. I want you to have an informal guide to this powerful gadget so you can use it and enjoy it wisely.

This blog will show you:

  • Getting started with your iPad and the basics
  • How to use many of the built in features of the iPad
  • How to connect your iPad to Wi-Fi or Cellular networks
  • Fun and cool accessories for your iPad
  • How to download and choose from the many Apps for yourself, your kids or grandkids
  • Plus, much more….

But you feel you have very little knowledge about the iPad!

Then you have come to the right place!

I’m working on keeping my posts simple and easy to follow. I assume you have no previous knowledge about the iPad. I run my content through my chief editor (my wife) and some friends and family who also own iPads to try to keep things clear and easy to understand.

Your comments are welcome :)

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