Getting Started with Apple Music Streaming Service

There is a new way to listen to music on your iPad. Apple Music was launched on June 30th 2015.

What is Apple Music?

It is a music streaming service similar to Spotify.


A good analogy is to think about iTunes as your record store, while Apple Music would be like the Netflix for music. Apple users can purchase music on iTunes and then listen to their music through the Music App on iPad or iPhone. With iTunes, you own the music you play and the songs or albums are stored on your iPad, iPhone or Mac. With Apple Music, you stream music or play music remotely from Apple servers through the Internet on your devices. You pay a flat fee and can access about 30 million songs but you do not own the songs you play.

To be able to take advantage of Apple Music

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Spotify – Play music you love on your iPad

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about Music on iPad. In particular, I was referring to the Songza App. I also wrote about different Apps for Radios on iPad. In this post I will be discussing Spotify, which is a music streaming service that can be used on computers, smartphones and of course, your iPad.


Spotify gathers the best of both worlds, curated playlists for different occasions

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Use iPad as Remote for iTunes

ipad remote appDo you ever invite friends over for drinks or dinner? Do you sometimes enjoy a glass of wine with your partner while listening to your favourite romantic tunes? Are you one of those people who entertains with music playing in the background?

If you want to play music for you and your guests, you should start by connecting your Mac to your sound system at home. And then you can actually use your iPad as a remote control! It is easy to set it up.

The Remote App comes in handy allowing you to control

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Digital Sheet Music on iPad

I have always loved music. I even took electric keyboard lessons for a short time when I was a boy. Of course, this does not qualify me as a musician but at least my love for music is there, right? ;-)

What about you my dear reader? Are you an amateur or experienced musician? Have you ever used the iPad to actually produce music?


A friend of mine who is a musician recently asked me if I knew any good sheet music Apps for iPad

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Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mothers mean the world to us! They raised us and helped us become who we are today. Sometimes they can drive us a little bit crazy with their comments or suggestions but we know they mean well… right? ;-)


Mother’s day is coming up soon and I thought it would be nice to prepare a review of cool iPad related gifts for Mother’s day for all kind of budgets.

About a month ago I published E-Cards for Mothers Day. Sending E-Cards and buying flowersis a great way to get started.

If your mom (or wife…) already has an iPad, this might be a good opportunity to enhance her experience with new accessories, Apps, books or music

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Radios on iPad

They have been around for quite some time. Loved and enjoyed by kids and adults alike, radios are always there entertaining us, cheering us up, delivering music and news. Through the years we have seen a transformation. Radios became first available on our computers through the Internet and nowadays they are present on our mobile devices.


Today I will be discussing

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Music on iPad

I like listening to music on iPad while I work, prepare a meal in the kitchen or get together with friends. Oh, yes, I do cook and people seem to like it… But that’s a story for another blog post.
If I’m busy doing something else, then I don’t want to get distracted and spend time selecting or changing songs.


I know. It’s called radio. There’s a million radios out there.

But what if there is another option? Like a personal DJ. Someone that plays music according to my mood, time of day or my taste…

The App exists! it’s called

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How to download music onto iPad

I usually listen to music on my iPod. Occasionally, I do listen to music on my iPad. Some weekends, I like waking up and turning the volume up loud to some of my favorites. Life with music is just fun!

Album with music notes

The good thing with iTunes is that you can share your music among different devices (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac) as long as you are using the same apple id account on them.

I have many albums loaded from different artists. Some are good oldies I loaded through my Mac, others are just singles that I bought

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