iCloud Photo Stream

After a nice family vacation or special event such as a birthday or wedding, people usually have a common end result. Pictures. Lots of pictures!!!
A usual question that arises is how do we share them effectively?

Photo Stream Collage

Besides posting photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter many people share them by email but this comes with some limitations, such as in the quantity, quality, and size of the images. A better approach could be to use the iCloud Photo Stream on your iPad (or iPhone).

Provided iCloud is properly configured on your iPad, you can create new Photo Streams and invite friends and family to view those Streams. Videos can be shared

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Organizing Photos by Faces on iPad

A few days ago I received an email from a reader asking me how she could organize pictures by faces or names on the iPad. I immediately thought about the “Faces” feature available on iPhoto which recognizes faces and allows you to add their respective names.


After researching a bit more I found out that this feature is only available on iPhoto for Mac. It is not currently available on the iPhoto App for iPad.
In this post I will show you an alternative way to use this feature

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How to use Picture Frame on iPad

Summer vacation season is starting in North America and Europe. Millions of digital pictures will be taken with our iPads, smart phones and digital cameras to capture those beautiful landscapes, fun adventures, and precious family moments.


What happens with all those pictures when we come home from our trip?
Probably about 1% or fewer are actually printed. A much bigger percentage is uploaded

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What is Snapseed?

Around a month ago I wrote an article about iPhoto on iPad. Since then I have been enjoying downloading pictures onto my iPad and doing all sorts of editing and fun special effects.


For the sake of completeness and to give readers a free option, I thought that it would be nice to review Snapseed.
Snapseed is a photo editing App

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iPad and iPhoto

In the not so recent past, we used to take pictures while on vacation or during family events and then send the films to be developed. Touching up pictures was expensive and reserved only for professionals.


Those born in the digital era may not even know about that “technology”. Digital point and shoot cameras as well as smart-phones and tablets

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