Flipboard App on iPad

Today’s information society has both benefits and drawbacks. We are constantly flooded with information and content, some of which is useful and some of which is junk. So how do we effectively consume and filter out what we want to read?


On your iPad, one possible solution is to use the Flipboard App. Flipboard lets you browse information from many different sources organized by topic in a digital magazine format.

You can create your own digital magazine and add stories (Flip) into it

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Newsstand tour

Are you an avid Magazine or newspaper reader?
Would you be interested in getting your magazines or newspapers right on the iPad?

Same as with books, some people still prefer the printed content to the digital one. They like the way the book, magazine or newspaper feels in their hands and I can’t argue with that. Depending on what I’m reading, I may prefer the printed content as well.

But what if you are a frequent traveller, or you commute long distances on public transport to go to work, or you are leaving on vacations and you don’t want to take with you several magazines because they are heavy. Or maybe, you can’t even get that specific magazine delivered to you where you go or where you currently live. You might still be able to read that content by using Newsstand and the respective app for your favorite magazine or newspaper.

Oh, let’s not forget about the multimedia content. Most magazines and newspapers nowadays include interactive content that you won’t find on the regular editions

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