The ultimate Safari iPad tutorial updated for iOS 12

A few years ago I wrote one of my first posts about Safari on iPad. A lot of things have changed on iOS since then so I decided to do a review and publish a complete Safari iPad tutorial updated for iOS 12.

Safari allows you to navigate the Internet and view webpages. It is the web browser App that comes installed by default with your iPad. Other popular browser Apps that you may want to consider and download are “Chrome” and “Firefox”.

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Safari search in page

There is so much information on the Internet and that is one of the reasons why we rely on search engines such as Google or Bing to help us find what we need. But once we get to that particular website, sometimes we want to narrow down our search even further and search for a specific word or phrase without having to read all the content on the page.

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Using a web browser like Safari on a Mac or Windows computer we can do this by pressing

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iPad Safari

Digital GlobeOn a previous post we saw how to connect your iPad to Wi-Fi. On this post we’ll discuss how to use iPad to browse the web.

The iPad comes with a web browser called Safari. Although it is a similar version to the one found on Mac and the one that can be downloaded for Windows, the tablet version has some differences.

To open Safari, tap on the following icon on your Home screen.

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