iPad Reminders App

We live very busy lives. We have many demands for our attention and time. Managing it all and staying organized can be a challenge. In addition, while technology is opening up more options to us, it also generates more interruptions.

Do you sometimes forget to do certain things that are very important? Do you need to write things down to remember?


There are all kinds of distractions that may get in the way of doing what you need to do from phone calls, text messages, TV programs, emails, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. More possibilities often means more interruptions. So how does one stay organized?

A good way to sort out this problem is to keep a To-Do list at hand and get to work on it.

Luckily, iPad comes with the Reminders App that allows you to create your own To-Do list. This is a great feature as tasks can be sorted by priority

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