101 Biryani Recipes

Do you like spicy food? In particular, do you like Indian style food?


Some time ago I wrote an article about Recipe Apps for iPad. Those Apps covered mainly American traditional dishes and desserts.

On this post I am going to introduce you to Biryani recipes.

Biryani is a rice-based (usually basmati) made dish with spices and chicken, fish, eggs, beef or vegetables. In general, the rice is cooked separately from the sauce, meat or vegetables and they are combined

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Open Table for iPad

Everyone loves the long days and short nights during the summer months when we can dine outside and the city comes to life! There are endless choices of restaurants but sometimes finding the perfect one and making a reservation for 2 or more people becomes difficult.

Plus, finding a new favorite spot to eat can pose an even bigger challenge while on vacation or traveling on business to another city.

I am very excited to share with you an App that can help you take care of these problems.


The Open Table App lets you make restaurant reservations from your iPad (or iPhone), quickly and free!

Follow this post if you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps.

At the moment, only selected restaurants in the United States

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iPad Recipe Apps

What’s cooking?
The iPad is the new cooking companion, recipe book, grocery list and tool to exchange recipes. There are plenty of cooking and baking apps out there.

Are your tired of preparing (and eating!) the same meals week after week?
How much time do you have to do your cooking and to go grocery shopping? Where do you keep your list ?

Have you ever wished you had a cooking assistant?
Loaded with the right Apps, your iPad can be that ideal assistant. Well, sort of… it will not help you with the utensils and won’t do your dishes, Sorry!!

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