New Google Maps App for iPad

On a previous post I discussed how to use Google Maps on iPad using your Safari web browser.

Now the wait is finally over. The new Google Maps App for the iPad is here!


I really love this new App. It is very intuitive and easy to use! The App has been improved from the old version and this one contains many cool features. A few worth mentioning are voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, public transit, biking and walking directions

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Google Maps for the iPad

There was some controversy around the Maps App when Apple upgraded the App on iOS 6. Many people complained and pointed out that it had some bugs and lacked some important functionality.

At the same time the Google Maps App disappeared from iOS 6.

Finally there is a new Google Maps App version available and it is optimized for iPad!.If you are looking for my latest post related to Google Maps App for iPad, click here.

If you want to know more about using Google Maps on iPad through your web browser, keep reading below.


If you have an iPad with cellular access you can use the GPS

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