New Google Maps App for iPad

On a previous post I discussed how to use Google Maps on iPad using your Safari web browser.

Now the wait is finally over. The new Google Maps App for the iPad is here!


I really love this new App. It is very intuitive and easy to use! The App has been improved from the old version and this one contains many cool features. A few worth mentioning are voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation, public transit, biking and walking directions, live traffic updates, local reviews, 360-degree Street view, as well as indoor maps with walking directions for malls and transit stations.

If you have an iPad with cellular access you can use the GPS on the device to display your current location on the go. If you have the Wi-Fi only version, you can still get an approximate estimate of your location provided you are connected to the Internet.

Downloading the new Google Maps App

From your iPad, open the App Store and search for Google Maps. If you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps, follow this article.

Location Services

Before you open the Google Maps App, make sure you are connected to the Internet.

The first time you open the Maps App, a popup dialog box will ask you if you want Google Maps to user your Current Location. If you don’t allow, you can turn this feature on later.


If you tap OK, Google Maps will display your current location on the map.


If you enter an address on the map and you want to navigate back to your current location you can tap on the Current Location button.


Google Maps Search Bar

Google Maps has a Search bar located on the top left of your screen.


The search bar allows you to search for a specific address, directions from and to different locations or, to login to your Google account to access past searches, favorite places and enhanced recommendations.

Looking for Directions

To look for directions, tap on the arrow icon on the search bar (see above) and enter the addresses or locations for the starting point and destination.

In this example I am looking for directions between Albany, NY and Burlington, VT.

google-maps-directions-box google-maps-directions-example

Tap on the different icons to see alternate estimates traveling by car, bus, bike or walking.

Voice guided turn-by-turn GPS navigation

To access voice guided navigation, tap on the box that contains the route time estimate and tap on Start.

google-maps-route-time-estimate google-maps-voice-guided-example

Layers Menu

Google Maps can display Traffic, Public Transit, Biking and Satellite information. Google Earth is a link to the Google Earth App.

Tap on the 3 bars located to the left of the Search Bar.


Shake it! – Feedback

Want to see something cool?
Shake your iPad (carefully) and see what happens…


The feedback popup appears. You can send feedback to Google to improve the App.

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