Google Maps for the iPad

There was some controversy around the Maps App when Apple upgraded the App on iOS 6. Many people complained and pointed out that it had some bugs and lacked some important functionality.

At the same time the Google Maps App disappeared from iOS 6.

Finally there is a new Google Maps App version available and it is optimized for iPad!.If you are looking for my latest post related to Google Maps App for iPad, click here.

If you want to know more about using Google Maps on iPad through your web browser, keep reading below.


If you have an iPad with cellular access you can use the GPS on the device to display your current location on the go. If you have the Wi-Fi only version, you can still get an approximate estimate of your location provided you are connected to the Internet.

On this post I will be discussing Google Maps for the iPad on iOS 6 using the Safari web browser.

Adjusting Location Services

Turning Location Services on for Safari will allow Google Maps to display your current location. To do this, tap on Settings


Then tap on Privacy and turn Location Services On


Look for Safari and turn it On as well.


Opening Google Maps on Safari

Now we are ready to go on Google Maps. Open Safari and go to “”. If you are new to iPad you can take a look at the following posts: iPad Safari and iPad Safari how to.


You may get a notification asking you whether you want to allow Google Maps to use your current location. Tap on OK if you agree with this.


The Google Maps web page opens and you can see your location displayed on the map. On the iPad cellular versions, when you move you can see your location changing on the map.

Using Google Maps

Using Google Maps on iPad is very simple. Let’s have a look at the Maps page:


Searching for an Address

Tap on the Address bar and type the address or location you are looking for.

The address gets displayed on the map.


Displaying your Location

Tap on the Location icon to display your location on the map.


Looking for directions

Tap on the Directions icon and enter 2 addresses to get directions.


If you prefer, you can also use “My Location” as starting point to get directions between your current location and the place you want to go to.


Have you used any other Map websites or Apps on iPad? Which ones do you recommend?

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