Baby Bedtime Music

Some of my friends recently became parents. With all the joy and happiness that being a new parent means, there are not surprisingly a few complaints about the disrupted and poor nights of sleep. Baby has certainly changed their lives for the better but baby’s sleep is usually an issue.


Luckily there are plenty of Baby Apps for iPad

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Parental control on iPad

If you are a parent or grandparent, sooner or later you’ll have to allow your kids or grandkids to play with your iPad (or maybe their own?). After you show them the basics for the first time on how to use the multi touch screen, access the Internet or their favorite games, chances are that they will learn super fast and know better than yourself how to do certain things…
Besides the iPad falling or the kids playing frisbee with it, you may be concerned about them accessing certain inappropriate content on the web or modifying your configuration settings on the device.


To manage these issues you can enable Restrictions on your iPad. Restrictions allows you to enable or disable certain apps and privileges on your tablet.

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