iPad and iPhoto

In the not so recent past, we used to take pictures while on vacation or during family events and then send the films to be developed. Touching up pictures was expensive and reserved only for professionals.


Those born in the digital era may not even know about that “technology”. Digital point and shoot cameras as well as smart-phones and tablets have become so popular that most people don’t even print pictures any more. Some of you may prefer to use your iPad as your camera.

Before posting and sharing your photos on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., it is always fun to be able to edit them and add your own special signature. This is where amateur and professional photographers alike can have a blast with the iPhoto App on iPad.

Universal App

iPhoto is a Universal App that runs on iPad 2 (or later), iPhone 4 (or later) and iPod touch (4th generation or later). This means you can buy the App for your iPad and download it on your iPhone or iPod touch without having to pay again (as long as you are using the same Apple ID).
The App requires iOS 6 or later.

iPhoto is available to download from the App Store for $4.99


Smart Browsing

You can use gestures to quickly sort through your photos. You can also view several photos side by side to choose the best images as well as flag photos, mark photos as favorites and add tags with a description.


Multi-Touch editing

iPhoto lets you zoom in, rotate pictures and more, all tapping and touching with your fingers.


You can even view picture details with the touch screen magnifier.


Professional quality effects

Your photos can be enhanced with Apple designed effects.


Photo Journals

Create beautiful photo journals where you can move and resize pictures with a touch of your finger


Your journals can be published to iCloud and quickly converted to Slideshows with music.

For a Slideshow demo, have a look at this short video.

Beam pictures across iOS devices

iPhoto lets you beam photos between your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch using Wi-Fi.



iPhoto greatly enhances your iPad’s capabilities of touching up and editing pictures. Pictures can be shared through the iCloud as well as showcased on the iPad using a Slideshow. I really enjoyed using this App and foresee using it over and over again in the near future to edit vacation and family event pictures.

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