Spotify – Play music you love on your iPad

A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about Music on iPad. In particular, I was referring to the Songza App. I also wrote about different Apps for Radios on iPad. In this post I will be discussing Spotify, which is a music streaming service that can be used on computers, smartphones and of course, your iPad.


Spotify gathers the best of both worlds, curated playlists for different occasions and radios split by genre or artist stations. In addition, the App lets you search for specific songs or artists and play them directly over the Internet.

Downloading the App

Search for “Spotify” on the App Store. Take a look at this blog post if you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps.

To start using Spotify, you will need to create an account that requires an email and password. This can be done directly from the App.

Main Menu

Once you open the App, the left sidebar that appears offers a menu with Search, Browse, Activity, Radio and Your Music options.

spotify main menu


Select the Search menu and enter your favourite artist or song, then tap Search on the keyboard. Once you locate the song, tap on it and it will begin to play.



The Browse menu lets you access playlists divided by genres or moods. If you find a song that you like, you can add it to your own playlist or share it on Spotify and/or Social Media.



Another feature of Spotify is the genre stations and artist stations which can also be an inspiration to discover new music and create new playlists.


Your Music

Your Music is where you can find your own playlists that you saved while searching and browsing for songs.


Paid vs. Free

Although the App is free to download, the free subscription service is sponsored by advertisement that appears at regular intervals. The Premium subscription service features no ads, allows you to download songs and listen to them offline, and offers a better sound quality.


I really enjoyed playing music with this App and already found new songs to add to my personal playlist. I have not tried the Premium service yet. I may give it a try next month.

Questions? Thoughts?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about Spotify. So, if you have any questions or comments please leave a response below. Thanks! :-)