How to Make Comic-Book Themed Invitations with Your iPad

As the silver screen started producing superhero movies such as The X-Men and The Avengers, children have started rediscovering the world of comic books.


Most of them will want to have a superhero or comic book-themed party on their next birthday. Along with the preparation of the event, parents have to prepare a themed invitation, which is commonly expensive when getting it done over designing kiosks. To save you some money, I will show you how to make comic-book themed invitations on your iPad.

Using Digital Comics as Your Project’s Reference

While browsing for reference I’ve come across this interesting article about comic books on
your iPad
, my personal favourite is Comixology. These digital comics will provide you with the
best references for your project. What colors does Captain America carry? Should I use thought bubbles or find a great use for some of the common comic book exclamations? Once you’ve constructed your layout, save all the pertinent files including photos and backgrounds and transfer it to your iPad. If you need help on how to share or transfer files, check out Dropbox with iPad.

Things You Will Need:

• A photo of your child dressed as a superhero.
• A comic strip generator app. For the tutorial below, we will be using the Strip Designer, which is available at the App Store for $2.99.If you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps have a look at this post.
• Optional colorful background/s. You can use your own designs, download one online or choose one of the photos from your camera roll.

Steps in creating your invitation design:

As we’ve mentioned above, we will be using the Strip Designer app in composing your comic-themed invitation. To guide you in building the right layout, here’s a step by step list you must follow:

1. Choose a layout from your list of available templates. Make sure that it will give you
enough space to add the details of the party.
2. Insert your child’s photo and resize it until it fits inside the frame.


3. Add effect symbols or stickers to your layout. Choose between “Bang”, “Boom”, “Kapow”, or “Splash” to add spice to your project.


4. Once you’re happy with the layout, you can now add text balloons to it. Choose the balloons you want to use and put it on the card. You can also edit, re-position, resize, and rotate the following items.


5. Double check your layout and make sure that all of the party’s details are included. After finalizing your invitation, present it to the celebrant to see if it’s something they want to give to their friends.


6. You also have the option to send the invitation via email, Dropbox, Flickr, Twitter, and Facebook. For printing, you will need to save the final layout as a PDF file.

With a little bit of creativity, patience, and love, a simple, comic book-inspired invitation will give
your children something to look forward to on their upcoming birthday.
Can you suggest another way on how to create themed invitations? Share them with our creative readers.

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