Tracking Baby Growth

At the beginning of April, my wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We are both very excited and exhausted like any first time parents. It is also quite a challenge to have a regular schedule and to find the time to write new posts. But hey, I’m not complaining.


We are thrilled to have our daughter and we look forward to sharing life’s adventures with her.
Besides the sleepless nights and hectic schedule, as new parents we are concerned about keeping track of her growth and development. We want to make sure she feeds well, sleeps well, and gains weight.

I did some research on this topic and found several Apps that track baby growth. Below are some of the highlights.

Need help downloading Apps?

Have a look at this post if you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps.

Parenting Box for Babies and Toddlers


Parenting box offers you 3 useful tools: Baby Log, Growth Chart and Checklist. The App is free to download and is very simple and easy to use. Some of the features are only available on the full version that costs $3.99.

Baby Log


Baby Log lets you keep track of breast feeding sessions and bottle feeding amounts. The full version allows you to track diaper changes and baby sleep times.

Growth Chart

You can enter height, weight and head circumference measurements for different dates and Parenting Box will display a growth chart and show you how your baby compares to other babies.



Checklists display the most frequently used items needed when going out with baby on different occasions. I’m pretty sure I’ll be referring often to these lists to make sure our baby has everything she needs before leaving the house.



Sprout can be downloaded for free but the App only gives you a full trial version for 14 days. The full version is $4.99.


With Sprout, you can keep track of your baby’s visits to the doctor, store her weight, height and head circumference, log vaccine types and dates as well as medication dates and times.



The App offers 5 convenient tools such as sleep, feeding, pumping, diaper and activity trackers.



Sprout includes a photo album that lets you capture your baby’s main milestones, share them on Facebook, or export them into an ebook.


Baby Tracker


With Baby Tracker you can record nursing information (breast milk, pump, formula), diaper changes, sleep times, growth (length, weight, head) as well as other kind of milestones such as first smile, clapping hands, rolling over, first steps, etc.


The full version is $2.99 and unlocks the following features: Backup, Sync with multiple iOS devices, CSV exporting, data clone, PDF exporting and printing.

My Choice

Because of it’s user friendliness and nice design, I’ll probably continue using Sprout to track the growth of our baby girl.

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Thoughts? Questions?

Do you know any other baby growth tracking Apps? which ones do you use?
I would love to hear your comments! Share with me by posting below.

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