King of Maths

When kids are asked about their hardest subject in school, the answer is generally math. Of course, parents and teachers know the importance of math and want their children to achieve good marks. For many children, success means a lot of practice and studying. Kids in general want to play and have fun but practicing math usually does not qualify…


Unless, you discover King of Maths.

King of Maths is a fun and engaging math game for children of all ages. In this game, the player starts off as a humble farmer and works his or her way up the social ladder by solving different kinds of math problems. The problems are presented as multiple choice and include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, shapes and patterns, as well as more advanced math for older players. The math examples are presented in various ways to keep you thinking and on your toes!

The player gets immediate feedback as to whether the answer is correct or not. At the end of every level, you collect stars, get achievement scores, and if you want, you can compare results with other players (need Internet connection).

King of Maths Junior


The Junior version is suitable for kids ages 6 and up. It contains questions and puzzles in areas such as counting, addition or a mix of both.


There is a free version or the full version which costs $1.99.

King of Maths


This version is aimed for Middle School to Junior High School.


The free version includes problems related to Addition, Subtraction or a mix of both.

The full version costs $0.99 and includes questions related to addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, arithmetic, geometry, fractions, power, statistics, equations or a mix of all.


Your kids will have a lot of fun while exercising their brains, mental speed and thinking process. Parents should try it as well for some brain gymnastics ;-)

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