Math Apps on ipad

Math in school. Some kids loved it, many, well… not so much…

I used to love math as a kid. History, geography were not really my preferred subjects but math used to be fun and easy for me. The story was different with my younger siblings. They didn’t like it or enjoy it. Math homework was always last on their procrastinating list and I remember staying up late with them trying to explain them some topics or helping them out by correcting their homework.

Lots of kids do not like math but maybe it’s because they find it boring or because they do not like their teacher’s style. But hey!, this is the 21st century and iPads can help make a difference.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad, iPad 2, the New iPad, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display

There are several games and Math Apps on iPad that can entertain and engage your child while teaching skills at the same time.

Today we are going to discuss some of the Math Apps available for kids.

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Motion Math: Hungry fish


On this game you have to add (subtract, multiply or divide on the full version) bubbles with numbers to match the result displayed on the fish. Whenever the result matches, the fish can be fed with the bubble and grows. If the fish is not fed within a certain amount of time, it starts shrinking in size.


The feature from this App that I liked the most:

You can choose the level of difficulty and speed suitable to your child’s age.

Math drills lite


This game allows your kid to review addition, subtraction, multiplication and division drills and then practice timed problems. The timed problems display stats simulating a race car (speed, duration and pit stops).


The feature that I liked the most:
The drills include Review assistants with animated number lines, blocks, facts and hints that can help your child learn faster.

Splash Math (1st, 2nd grade… )


Splash Math lets you practice different math concepts in a fun and enticing way. Every time you complete a level your kid gets a prize and can play in the aquarium.


The feature that I liked the most:

The App comes in different versions (1st, 2nd, 3rd grade) that targets different concepts and skills. It also includes a “Reports” section that shows the activity log and a report card with accuracy response.

Math vs Zombies


Zombies want to invade your home and you have to fight them with powerful (math) weapons. Each zombie will display a question and your kid has to answer it properly. This game is a good fit for Halloween!


The feature that I liked the most:
Since your child has to answer before the zombies get too close, the game exercises math speed.

Math is fun


Math is fun teaches kids to recognize numbers, order numbers, count, handle shapes and more.


The feature that I liked the most:

The game has nice graphics and every time a problem or puzzle is solved the animals or vehicles make a sound. The App has several versions targeting concepts for different ages.

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