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‘What’s the weather like tomorrow?’, my wife usually asks. It is as if all of a sudden my job is to be her personal weather man… Luckily I have become an expert on the subject. Of course, I have the help of some weather Apps for iPad ;-)


We all know that in certain places winter can be very harsh and knowing in advance how to dress or prepare for it, is a must.

Most weather Apps allow you to view forecasts for any city in the world. This comes very handy when planning your next business trip or that big dream vacation.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad, iPad 2, the New iPad, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display
iOS versions: iOS 5, iOS 6 and up

Have a look at this post if you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps.

Since weather changes constantly, all weather Apps need to be connected to the Internet to access the latest weather information and updates.

WeatherEye HD


Weather Eye is an App from The Weather Network. It displays current weather, short and long term forecasts. You can also see information for Sunrise/Sunset times, humidity, pressure, visibility and Wind.


The feature from this App that I liked the most:
You can add several cities to the list and switch to see the forecast between any of them.

Price: Free

The Weather Channel


TWC is an App from The Weather Channel. It displays current weather and forecasts for next 10 days. You can also see information for Feels Like, Wind, Humidity, Dew Point, UV level, Visibility and Sunrise/Sunset times.


The feature that I liked the most:
Tapping the share button you can instantly send by email the information for 10-day forecast to any family member or friend.

Price: Free

Weather +


Weather + displays local time and current weather for the city of your choice. You can also see information for Precipitation, Chances of rain (Probability), Wind, UV index, Pressure and Visibility.


The feature that I liked the most:
Weather + has some cool animated backgrounds that are shown behind the clock and temperature widgets.

Price: Free

AccuWeather for iPad


Accuweather shows you the current weather and forecast hour per hour. Its cool interface displays humidity, UV index, Dew Point, Visibility, Pressure and RealFeel (Feels like temperature) information.


The feature that I liked the most:
AccuWeather has several tabs: Health, Sports and Outdoor. Each of these tabs displays information about health risks, suitable sports and suitable outdoor activities based on the current weather.

Price: Free

What are your favourite weather Apps?
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