Great graphic design with the Canva App on iPad

In this post, I will introduce you to an App that can be useful for you at the office or when you feel creative and want to just have fun. Canva is a powerful, yet very simple to use graphic design App.

Canva design logo

You can create presentations, posters, social media posts, photo collages and more using existing design templates or by creating new ones. You can also add images, backgrounds and text to your documents which can be downloaded to your iPad, shared by email or through social media.

The Canva App is free to download but offers in-App purchases.

Downloading Canva

Search for Canva on the App Store. For a quick guide on how to download iPad apps, please have a look at this post.

Create a Canva account

You need an account to use Canva. You can login to it with your existing Facebook or Google accounts or you can create a new account by using your email address and choosing a password.


Starting a new design on the Canva App

The design page contains a lot of templates that can be used for different purposes.

Canva App starting a new design

Tap on the template that is closer to your needs or swipe left and select “custom” to create a brand new template.

The design page appears and you can tap on the bottom left corner (red circle) to open up a menu.

Canva App blog graphic design

Canva App Menu

The left menu contains 5 options: Search, Layouts, Text, Background and Uploads.

canva menu options


Tapping on Search lets you look for images.Type what you are looking for on the search bar.

Canva App search example

If you find something you like, just tap and hold on the image and drag it to the design page. The items that have a “1″ on the bottom right corner are paid items (when you try to download your design, the App will prompt you to pay for those). Other images are free.


Tapping on Layouts lets you choose from a vast amount of designs. Again, tap and hold on the one that you like and drag it to the draft page.

Canva App layouts example


The are plenty of fonts to choose from. Try dragging different ones onto your design until you find what you are looking for.

Canva App text example


Uploads allows you to insert pictures from your iPad photo album, iCloud or Facebook account. You can also take a picture on the fly with the “Take a photo” button.

Share & Download

Once you are done with your “majestic” design, you can share it with other iPad apps such as iMessage and Mail or through social media (Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc) using the “download” and “share” buttons.

Canva App share download buttons

You can also download the design onto your iPad photo album or as a PDF file which can be opened through the iBooks App.

Questions? Thoughts?

I had fun exploring and creating with Canva. The Canva App is very easy to use and has a lot of potential. I think it will help me boost the graphic design on this blog.

Note: Currently, the Canva App needs to be connected to the Internet in order to work.

Will you be downloading Canva?

I welcome your feedback. Please leave me your comment below.