Voice Recording on iPad

When you buy an iPhone or iPod touch, you get an App called Voice Memos. This App comes in very handy when you need to record a meeting or lecture, or when you want to say something to yourself but you are in a rush and cannot type it.


I do not know why, but there is no such App on iPad. The good news is that there are several voice recording Apps on iPad that can be downloaded for free.

Most of these Apps support themselves through advertisement. For more features or to avoid the ads, you can purchase the paid versions.

Today I will be reviewing 4 different voice recording Apps.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad, iPad 2, the New iPad, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display
iOS versions: iOS 5, iOS 6 and up

Have a look at this post if you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps.

Audio Memos Free


This is a very basic App. You can record voice memos in “wav” format and send them by email. For more features like uploading to DropBox you need to get the paid version of the App.

Audio Memos Free Audio Memos

Super Note


Super Note combines the ability to take notes and record lectures or voice memos at the same time. You can categorize your recordings, set dates and even set reminders within the App.


You can email both notes and recordings as well as download them onto your computer through Wi-Fi. This App makes a good university or conference companion.

Super Note Free Super Note

Notes n More


Notes n More is note taking hybrid. You can create notes, tasks, rich notes (with format), voice memos, scribbles, Internet notes, and videos.

The notes can be synchronized across devices using iCloud.

The App is free for up to 11 notes. To keep and create more notes, you have to purchase the App ($1.99).

Notes n More

Voice Record Pro


Voice Record Pro records voices in MP4 format. The recordings can be converted to MP3 and can be exported to Google Drive, DropBox, Microsoft SkyDrive and SoundCloud. You can also send the recordings to other devices via Bluetooth or download them to your computer via Wi-Fi.


Additionally, you can edit or shorten your memos, change titles, share them on Facebook, send by email or save as a video (sound only) on your photo album.

The App has a lot of features and it is very intuitive as well as easy to use.

Voice Record Pro

Would you like to know which App I liked the most?

My favourite App is Voice Record Pro because I found it easy to use and I liked its many features. For lectures I found Super Note to be very helpful.

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