Raising Awareness with WWF Together App

What do giant pandas, marine turtles, elephants, tigers, snow leopards, whales, polar bears, rhinos, gorillas, sharks, jaguars and monarch butterflies have in common?


All of them are facing threats of extinction.

I recently came across “WWF Together”, an App from the World Wildlife Fund. This interactive App teaches us about the different species through facts, pictures, interactive games and videos.

Downloading WWF Together

The App is free and can be downloaded from the App Store. Check how to download and install iPad Apps if you need a reminder.


This App has amazing pictures of animals. Have a look below and judge for yourself…



Want to see more pictures?
Download and open the App. It is really worth it.


This section informs us about the threats each of the animals are currently facing.


Did you know climate change can lead to lower levels of available food and habitat for whales?


Population, habitat, weight, length and location can all be found on the facts screen.


The 3D globe shows you where the animals can be found in the world as you tap with your finger.


Although not every animal in the App has one, WWF Together features some interesting videos with commentaries.


Saving species by increasing awareness

The App does a great job in educating and informing people as well as increasing awareness about the threats the animals face. Kids and adults can enjoy this animal adventure while learning some interesting facts.

Questions? Thoughts?

Which animal section did you like the most? Do you think the App is achieving its purpose?
Let me know by posting a comment below.

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