Managing iPad Notification Center on iOS 8


Notifications appear on your iPad Home screen when iOS or any of your installed Apps have something to communicate. If your iPad is on stand-by and there were some notifications that were shown on the screen while the cover was on, you can see them again while opening the cover or by pressing the Home button.

Once you unlock your iPad, as many of you know, Notifications can be accessed by sliding one finger from the top to the bottom of your screen. Have a look at this quick video for an example:

Controlling Notifications

How do you control which notifications appear on the Notifications Center and in which order?

There is a configuration screen for this under Settings > Notifications


The INCLUDE and DO NOT INCLUDE sections display what will be shown when you pull down the Notifications Center screen.


Tapping on “Edit” on the top right corner displays 3 bars next to each App. Tapping and holding the 3 bars lets you change the order in which the notifications will appear.


Tap “Done” on the top right corner when you are finished changing the order.

Remove Notifications

In order to mute a notification so that it does not show again in the future, select an App you would like to remove from the INCLUDE section and tap on it.

In this example, I’m tapping on “Messages”. The following configuration screen will appear:


Tap on the “Allow Notifications” button and disable it. Tap on Notifications on the top left corner. This brings you back to the Notifications Main configuration screen. Notice that the Messages App is no longer listed under the INCLUDE section.


Add Notifications

A notification that was removed, can be found under the DO NOT INCLUDE section on the bottom. In this other example we will add the “Messages” notification back.

Under the DO NOT INCLUDE section, tap on Messages and then toggle “Allow Notifications”, then tap on Notifications on the top left corner of the screen.


The Messages App will reappear under the INCLUDE section.

Other Notifications Configurations

Tapping an App under the INCLUDE section lets you configure other options such as the amount of recent items to display, notification sounds, badge App icon, if the notification shows on Lock Screen or not, etc.


Questions? Thoughts?

Knowing how to manage your iPad Notifications is very useful. In this information society that we live in, too much information adds noise and clutter whereas too little or no information may cause us to miss something that is important. Spending a few minutes today customizing your Notifications Center can make your life easier and more organized in the long run.

I welcome your feedback. Please leave a comment below.

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