Manage Your Email Faster with iOS 8

Do you send and receive lots of emails every day?
Is your Mailbox getting too cluttered?


Apple released iOS 8 on September 17th 2014. I wrote a post highlighting some of the new features before they were released. You can have a look at it here.

Among other things, the Mail App was improved on iOS 8. There are a few new shortcuts to delete, flag and mark emails as read/unread. Also, if you are waiting for an important reply to a specific email, you can request iOS to notify you when such email comes in.

Once you learn how to use the new Mail features you will be on your way to a cleaner mailbox. One more thing… the Mail App functionality on iPad is pretty much the same as on other iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch. Benefit: learn once, use it on all iOS 8 devices ;-)

Lets get started with the new features!

More, Flag, Trash

While inside the Mail App. Tap on an email message and swipe slightly to the left. The “More, Flag and Trash” buttons will appear.


“Trash” will move the email thread to the trash. “Flag” will let you highlight the message for later review. Tapping “More” offers several options: Flag, Mark as Read, Move to Junk, Move Message… and Notify Me….

Note: Depending on your mailbox configuration, in some cases you may see “Archive” instead of “Trash”.


Notify Me

The “Notify Me” option can be accessed swiping a message slightly to the left, tapping on “More” and then “Notify Me…”.


Next time a reply to this email thread comes in, iPad will alert you with a notification.

To stop notifications for a specific email, swipe once again slightly to the left, tap “More”, then “Stop Notifying”.

Trash shortcut

To delete an email or thread faster you can swipe the message all the way to the left.

Mark as Read or Unread

To Mark an email or thread as Read or Unread, tap on it and swipe all the way to the right.


Customizing Swipe Options

iOS 8 lets you customize some of the swipe actions for Swipe Left and Right.

To customize, tap on Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Swipe Options


Default values are Swipe Left: Flag, Swipe Right: Mark as Read.

Thoughts? Questions?

I receive lots of emails every day. I’m already using these new features to keep my mailboxes clean. Did you download iOS 8? Did you try the new Mail App features?
Let me know by commenting below.