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Some time ago, I published a post about iBooks. But iBooks is not the only way to download and read ebooks on your iPad. There are other options such as the Kindle App for iPad.


Why would you want to use another App to read ebooks? Maybe the book you are looking for is not available yet on the iBookstore. Maybe you are sharing a Kindle device with your spouse and you want to read 2 different books at the same time. One on a Kindle device, one on the Kindle App on iPad.

Perhaps you got an Amazon gift card for your birthday and do not have a Kindle device but still want to buy a few ebooks.

Today I will discuss the Kindle App on iPad and how to download ebooks onto it.

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Install the Kindle App

Download and install the Kindle App for iPad. Follow how to download and install iPad Apps if you need to refresh how to do this.

Make sure you are connected to the Internet before moving on to the next step.

Open the Kindle App

Tap on the Kindle App icon to open the App.


Register Kindle App on iPad

Before you can use the Kindle App, you need to register it.


If you already have an Amazon account, you can register the Kindle App by entering your Amazon account email address and password. Tap on “Register this Kindle”.

The Kindle App opens.

Note: If you do not have an Amazon account, you can create a new one from their site (no credit card required).

Downloading a Book using Web Browser

Either from your computer or your iPad web browser navigate and login to the Amazon website. Search for the book you wish to download (make sure it says [Kindle Edition]) and select deliver to Kindle Cloud Reader.
( You can select and download free or paid books )


Once you have downloaded the book to the cloud, you can access it from your Kindle App on the iPad.

Downloading Book onto the Kindle App

Back on your iPad, now we need to refresh the Kindle App with the cloud to get the newest list of books available on your account.

Tap on the Cloud tab


Tap on Sync.


The book(s) you purchased, appear on the screen with an arrow.


Tap on any of these books to download them from the cloud onto the iPad.


Once the book is downloaded, you can tap on its cover. The book will open and you can begin reading it!

Here are a few reading suggestions to help you get started:

Happy reading! :-)

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