Keep Your Mind Sharp With Fit Brains Trainer

How is your memory these days? Given a set of numbers, how fast can you add them?

I was chatting with a close friend of mine and we both agreed that since we started adding phone numbers to our cellphone address books, we can barely remember our friends’ phone numbers any more!!


It seems that the same problem has happened since we started using calculators… We are very slow at performing the most basic calculations!!

Is it our age or is the fact that we are out of practice? Probably a little bit of both but the good news is that we can do something about it! :)

The Fit Brains Trainer App offers plenty of brain teaser games that when practised regularly can help improve our brain’s performance and keep our brain sharp.

The Fit Brains fitness program was developed by Dr. Paul Nussbaum, a clinical neuropsychologist from the United States.

Compatibility and Price

Fit Brains requires iOS 6 or iOS 7 and can run on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The App is free to download and offers in-App purchases. Prices can vary but at the moment a 12 month full access is $9.99 and a 6 month full access is $6.99.

Brains Areas

Using a series of games, Fit Brains exercises your brain in the following 5 areas: Problem Solving, Speed, Focus, Memory and Visual.

Among many others, you can find games such as matching pairs that exercise overall reaction speed and ability to focus.


Another type of game involves memorization in which objects drop through a funnel and you have to select the missing pieces.


In the stacked discs game, you are shown the side view of coloured discs and you need to choose the correct top view. This game helps strengthen spatial awareness and visualization skills.



While you play, the App tracks your performance in the 5 different areas and shows you the progress.


Users of this App have reported several benefits like improved memory and recall, deeper concentration, clearer and quicker thinking and stronger problem solving skills.

For more information, visit the Fit Brains website.

Questions? Thoughts?

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