iPad Memory

The other day I was downloading a few iTunes U episodes when I got an unexpected message…
It went something like this:
“Can’t download information. Your iPad is running out of storage space”
Immediately I realized that it was referring to my iPad memory.

Tablet Circuit Board

Still, this caught me by surprise because I had not been checking how much space was in use and I had no idea how much was left when I got the warning.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad Air, iPad Pro, iPad
iOS versions: iOS 6 and up

While doing my “cleaning” I realized this could be a good topic for my next post.

Viewing iPad Memory Usage

First things first. To see how much memory is left on your tablet, from your iPad home screen go to
Settings > General > Usage.

ipad settings general usage

This menu will show you the total available and used storage space as well as how much space is in use broken down by categories such as Music, Videos, iTunes U, iBooks, Photos & Camera, Apps, etc.

ipad memory settings general usage storage

To view all items, tap on “Show All Apps” at the bottom.

Recovering iPad Memory (storage space)

To recover storage space, we need to go through the Apps, Videos, Music and Books and see which items we can remove or live without.

In the case of Apps, just tap on the name of the App you want to delete. This will open up an individual screen for this specific App where you can tap on the “Delete App” button. In this example I am deleting the Cards App.

usage cards app

Tap on “Delete App” to confirm.

usage cards confirm delete app

For Videos, you can tap on the video item and delete videos from the subsequent menu. Use the Edit button on the top right corner.

usage videos

By the way, I noticed that you need to go in and out of the Usage screen to see the updated storage space after deleting Apps or videos.

For Music or iTunes U, you will have to open those Apps and delete songs or lessons from within the Apps respectively.

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