iPad Calendar how to

A question I get asked very often is how to use the Calendar app on the iPad. Some grandparents want to add their grandchildren’s birthdays. Other people want to be able to combine their private and work schedules so that they can keep a healthy life balance.

Calendar Vacation Day Circled

There are also the people that want to have their calendars on the go by syncing on the iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc.

On this post I’m going to show you some of the basic Calendar features and I will complement it with more advanced settings on a future post.

Let’s get started.

Opening Calendar

On the iPad Home Screen, tap on the Calendar icon.

iPad Calendar icon

The Calendar app opens on the current date.


Several calendars can be displayed at once. Each event is displayed with a color code beside so you can identify the calendar associated to that event. By default you’ll see “Home”, “Work” and “Calendar” calendars displayed.

Showing Calendars

To select which calendar or group of calendars is displayed, tap on the “Calendars” button on the top left corner. A “Show Calendars” dialog box will appear.


By default you can select to show Home, Work, Calendar and Birthdays. You can also add new calendars. Tap on theĀ “Calendars” button again or outside the dialog box to close theĀ “Show Calendars” dialog box.

Calendar Views

At the time of this post writing, there are 5 different views for the calendar on an iPad with iOS (5.1).

Day, Week, Month, Year and List

The view can be changed easily by tapping on any of the 5 tabs on the top center of the screen:


Day View:

Tap on “Day” to see the daily calendar view.


Week View:

Tap on “Week” to see the weekly calendar view.


Month View:

Tap on “Month” to see the monthly calendar view.


Year View:

Tap on “Year” to see the yearly calendar view.


List View:

Tap on “List” to see the list calendar view.


Navigating the Calendar

Swipe left or right


Tap on the Day view tab. You can easily move back and forth to different days on your calendar by swiping left or right with one finger.


In addition, you can move onto another date by tapping on any date that appears on the small calendar on the upper left:


Swipe up or down

On day view, you can swipe up or down with one finger on the right half side of the screen to see all hours from 1am to midnight.


In a similar way you can navigate the weekly, monthly and yearly views.


To go back to the current date, tap on the “Today” button located on the lower left corner.


Get familiar navigating the iPad Calendar and changing views. On my next post I’ll be showing you more interesting things like adding appointments, setting reminders, deleting and more. Sign up for my email newsletter and get notified when new posts are released!!

Stay tuned :))