Interior Design App for iPad

Want to connect with your inner interior designer? Ever dreamed of designing your own home or new living room? I want to share with you a fun App I recently discovered.

Homestyler iPad Screenshot

It’s true it has been a while since my previous post. I have been very busy with our baby girl as you can well imagine. My time has been spent changing diapers, going out for walks, putting up with crying, watching her grow and discover the world around her, and of course, sharing fun and laughs.

One of the tasks that has occupied us (aside from the usual chores) has been looking for furniture, accessories and toys to decorate our daughter’s room. We did some basic decoration after she was born and more recently we added several new things.

Guess what? By the time we were more or less done, I found a wonderful interior design App for the iPad. It might be too late for this little project but I’m sure it will come handy for the next one.

For those readers who are planning some renovations or would like to imagine how a room could look before investing a single penny, I will share the highlights about the Homestyler App.

Downloading Homestyler

The Homestyler Interior Design App is free to download. You can search for it on the App Store.

Creating New Designs

The App lets you create a new design by taking a picture of one of your rooms or by choosing from a vast selection of empty rooms or open spaces.


In the empty rooms gallery you can find lofts, houses, condos by the sea and even a private jet!


Once you select an empty room, you can start decorating it by adding all kinds of furniture, electronics (TVs, computers, game consoles), appliances, area rugs, fireplaces, curtains, mirrors, lighting fixtures, and much more!


Every item that you add to the room can be rotated, moved sideways or up and down and scaled. By default, all items are represented in their real sizes but this can be changed.


Saving and Sharing your Designs

Your decorated rooms can be saved into your personal library. You will need to sign up and get a free account for this. Your designs can be kept private or made public.

Notice how much fun you can have decorating a room!
Here’s a simple baby room.


Here’s a baby room with plenty of toys, pictures on the wall and a nursing chair.


Public designs can be seen and liked by other people. Designs can be shared by E-Mail, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.


Here’s an example Pinterest board I just created with a few new designs:

3D Design Stream

Homestyler includes a Design Stream where you can see truly beautiful and original room designs created by others. You can ‘like’ their creations, share their work on social media, and make comments. It is really worth taking a look!


If you like the work of a particular person, you can follow them and you will see their new designs appearing on your news stream.

Tip: While browsing designs, you can scroll all the way back up to the top by tapping on the double arrows located on the top right corner of your screen.

Thoughts? Questions?

Even if you are not into interior design, this App is fun and fairly easy to use. Watch out though. After decorating a few rooms, you may really like it and get addicted… Talking from experience of course…

Give Homestyler a try and let me know your userid so I can follow your creations :-)