How to edit pictures on iPad

On a previous post we discussed the basics of the Camera app and its functionality when taking pictures or recording video.
On this post, I’ll be discussing further how to edit pictures on iPad.


Imagine it was your niece’s birthday and you took plenty of pictures and recorded some video too. You go back home, want to do some basic editing and then share the outcome with your friends and family. All from your iPad. No file transferring to your laptop or desktop. Sounds good?

Then, keep reading below.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad 2, The new iPad, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display
iOS versions: iOS 6 and up

Open your Camera App and take a few pictures. We will use them as examples for the explanations below. Take a look at my previous post iPad Camera App on iOS 6 if you need to refresh the basics of the Camera App.

When you are done open the picture view mode by tapping on the picture thumbnail on the lower left corner.


The last picture you took is displayed as well as the different editing and options buttons.

Editing and options buttons

Tap on the displayed picture to make the buttons disappear and only display the picture. Tap on the picture again to make the buttons appear.


Editing a picture

While viewing a picture, tap on the Edit button to edit your picture.


Four buttons appear on the bottom of the screen. Rotate, Enhance, Red-Eye and Crop.


Once you start making changes, four buttons will appear on top of the screen. Cancel, Undo, Revert to original and Save.


The Rotate button will rotate your picture 90 degrees every time you tap on it. Enhance will automatically correct lighting conditions on the picture making it brighter. Tap on Red-Eye and then tap on the eyes of the person within the picture you want to correct. Crop allows you to cut out the portion of the picture you want to discard. Tap on Crop, then tap and drag the grid to fit the portion of the picture that you would like to keep. When you are done, tap on the Crop button on the upper right corner.
In all cases, If you are satisfied with the rotation, enhancement, red-eye correction and crop, tap Save. This will create a new picture with the changes made on the camera roll.

Deleting a picture


While viewing a picture, tap on the trash icon to delete it and then tap on the “Delete Photo” button.

Sharing a picture

Tap on the “Actions” menu to view the available options.


From here, you can share your picture by email, iMessage, Photo Stream (more about this later), Twitter, Facebook, assign it to a contact, copy to clipboard or use as wallpaper.


Preparing a Slideshow


Tap on the “Slideshow” button. This will display the “Slideshow Options” dialog box.


Tap on “Transitions” to choose a way (i.e. Dissolve, Cube, Ripple, etc) to switch from one slide to the next.
Turn “Play Music” to ON to play music while your slides are showing. When “Play Music” is on, you can tap on “Music” and select a song from your library. Tap on the “Start Slideshow” button to begin the slideshow.
Tap anywhere on the screen to stop the slideshow.

Camera Roll


Tap on the “Camera Roll” button to see thumbnails of all the pictures you have taken so far. You can
scroll up and down with one finger to see all the thumbnails. Tap on a thumbnail to display the picture in full

On a future post I’ll discuss how to share your pictures among other Apple devices (Mac, iPhone, iPod, etc) and also how to share your pictures with friends and family.

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