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A friend of mine asked me the other day if I knew any good handwriting apps for the iPad. I decided to do some research on this interesting topic. Some people may find it easier to write than to type. Others may want to use the iPad to draw, doodle, or sketch. Who would have thought that the traditional “paper and pen” could be replaced by the iPad?


My friend also asked me if any of these Apps have handwriting to text recognition. I found several but only one of them has handwriting to text recognition on the free version of the App.

Today I will be discussing Handwriting Apps on iPad and some stylus options to complement them.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad 2, the New iPad, iPad mini, iPad with Retina Display
iOS versions: iOS 5, iOS 6 and up



Penultimate lets you choose the pen style and colors as well as the paper type (graph, lined, plain, etc). You can import pictures into your notebook and export pages or entire notebooks to the camera roll or by email. The App also recognizes handwriting so you can search in your notes. Because Penultimate is integrated with Evernote, your handwritten notes are available on any computer or mobile device you use.


MyScript Memo


This App lets you use your handwriting to take notes and convert them to digital text. The text can be exported or shared by email, Facebook, Twitter or Evernote. The free version of the App needs to be connected to the Internet for the text recognition to work. The paid version allows for handwriting recognition offline.


Note Anytime


Note Anytime is very intuitive and easy to use. It offers a floating editing palette with different pen styles, ink colors, opacity and thickness. The quality of the “ink” is really nice!. You can insert pictures from the camera roll and enter text with your keyboard as well. The notes can be shared by email, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, saved to the photo album and printed. An advantage: Instructional videos can be downloaded onto the App


Stylus Pens

Once you get started with handwriting on iPad you will realize that it is not so easy to do handwriting with your fingers. You may want to have a look at some stylus pens for better handwriting, sketching and drawing quality.

5Pcs Ball Pen-shape Capacitance Stylus for iPad Blue


Su-Pen P170M-CLA Stylus for iPad,iPhone


Which other handwriting Apps do you use? Let me know by commenting below.

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2 thoughts on “Handwriting on iPad”

  1. My favorite is ZoomNotes – it has all the standard features plus quite a few unique ones of its own. I particularly like how it lets you create presentations of your notes. This combined with a near-infinite workspace makes it REALLY powerful.

    • Thanks for the feedback!
      I was not aware of ZoomNotes. I checked it out and it looks really cool :-)

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