Car Racing on iPad

Games on the iPad are always a great distraction and a lot of fun.

Due to my recent addiction and love of racing games, I thought it would be a good idea to write an article about Car Racing games on iPad. Beware my readers, these games are so engaging that waiting at the airport to catch a flight or spending time in the waiting room at your doctor’s office will no longer be a problem!

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Today I will be reviewing 3 different Car Racing Apps for iPad: Real Racing 3, CSR Racing and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit.

I am including short demo videos that will give you a sample of (in my humble opinion…) this awesome App experience :-)

Real Racing 3


This App features amazing graphics of different cars from popular car companies. Purchase a car, choose a track and start racing!

Each time you win a race or finish among the top racers you get money which can be used to repair or upgrade your car.


Upgrades include performance enhancement to your engine, drivetrain, brakes, tires & wheels.

If you want to get an idea of the experience, take a look at the brief demo video on top.

The App is Free to download but it offers In-App Purchases that let you acquire racing money, gold or racing packs to get new spare parts, cars, upgrades, etc.

CSR Racing


CSR Racing is all about speed and you essentially race your car against another opponent on a straight race course.

The objective is to cover the distance (i.e. 1/4 mile) as fast as possible by changing gears at the right time or taking advantage of a nitro boost.


Each time you win a race you accumulate $$ and gold which can be used to purchase upgrades such as better tires, turbo, nitrous, better engine, higher performance gear box, lighter body, etc. Enough money will also allow you to purchase new cars.


The App is free to download and also offers in-App purchases for upgrades.

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit


This one is a classic. On Need for Speed Hot Pursuit you choose whether you want to take over the role of a cop or of a street racer.


The cop has to chase the street racer and obviously, the street racer has to avoid being caught. Cars include extra features like oil slick or spike strip to slow down the opponents car.


The App has a lite version and a paid version.

Do you want to know which one is my favorite?
It is Real Racing 3 because of the visual graphics that make the experience feel genuine. When you shift the iPad, it feels like you are really driving.

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