Calculator on the iPad

It is an unclear omission and kind of strange. I have not been able to determine or to learn thus far the reason why there is no Calculator App included with iOS on iPad even though there is a Calculator App on iOS for iPhone.

But do not despair my readers, as I am proposing to you in this post various options. There is an English proverb that says “Necessity is the mother of invention”. Many App developers have noticed the need and as a result, there are different Calculator Apps available for downloading to your iPad.

Today I will be discussing Calculator Apps for iPad. All of the Apps mentioned below have a free version and a paid version that includes more functions, features, and no Ads.

Have a look at this post if you need to refresh how to download and install iPad Apps.



Calculator+ comes with an elegant interface. It includes scientific functions and you can use the Calculator in portrait and landscape modes. The paid version supports handwriting.


Calculator Pro


Calculator Pro lets you choose different skins that alter its look and feel. You can swipe on the calculator display to erase a number. The scientific calculator is displayed when holding the iPad in landscape mode.


Calculator Free


Calculator Free can be used in portrait and landscape modes. It includes scientific and arithmetic functions and a history tape that keeps track of your calculations. The App has support for Retina display.


MyScript Calculator


MyScript Calculator recognizes and translates your handwriting into numbers and operations and then performs the calculation. It is very cool to see how the iPad recognizes your handwriting. It is like writing on a magical piece of paper :-)

The App has support for people who are left-handed. You can share a snapshot of the calculations on Twitter or by email. It also includes a brief video tutorial on how to use the App.


HiCalc HD


HiCalc HD can be used in portrait and landscape modes. The App has scientific and arithmetic functions and maintains a history of calculations. It also includes some financial functions such as IRR, NPV, FV, PV, etc.


Some free optional upgrades that can be downloaded from within the App include new skins for different looks and feel, and a Biorhythm.
The App also has support for Retina display.


Another feature included in HiCalc HD is a Tip Calculator to quickly calculate percentages when paying at a restaurant.


So do you want to know my favourite? It is HiCalc HD because of the look, feel, and the functions provided.

Which one is yours? Please let me know. Your comments are welcomed.

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