Astronomy on iPad

The moon, stars, planets, constellations. Since the beginning of time they have been source of admiration for people in general. Who has not stared up at the sky and gotten lost in the stars? Maybe you’ve even dreamed about becoming an astronaut one day…


So far only a select few have been able to travel into space and to see the moon up close. Luckily there is the NASA App on iPad that allows us to explore outer space, download exquisite images, learn about ongoing and future missions, watch videos and more!

By the way, did you know that NASA conducts underwater explorations and training as well? Instead of astronauts, these people are called aquanauts and their underwater training helps them prepare for missions in space. I learned all this through the App!


The NASA App lets you take a peek at ongoing and future missions. Each mission provides information about launch schedules, vehicles to be used, launch sites and description.


In some cases, pictures and mission objectives are shown as well.


Available on the App are amazing images from outer space, the International Space Station, vehicle tests, views of earth from space, lunar eclipses, rocket launches and much more.




NASA App also includes videos about the International Space Station, Mars Curiosity Rover Reports, Rocket launches, Reel NASA, NASA Explorer, NASA Television, etc.

For a quick demo, take a look at the embedded video.


All NASA centers are displayed on a Map and you can tap on each of the locations to get more information about them.


Other Features

The App also lets you see Programs, News and Features, TV & Radio and Tweets.

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