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E-mail addresses, Passwords, pin numbers, account numbers, usernames, secret questions. Modern life has its perks and benefits but creates new challenges for our long-term memory and headaches as well. The more devices we use and more time we spend online, the more passcodes, pins and passwords we need to remember.


But how many passwords can our brains remember?
It depends on the individual but as the amount of passwords pile up we will need a better solution than a notepad and pen to write them down. We want to have a secure place to store this important information that is also easily accessible.

Applicable to:
iPad versions: iPad 2, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad PRO

In this review, I will be discussing about 5 different password manager or password vault Apps for iPad that you may want to try.

Password Manager Free (iPassword)


This App lets you store bank accounts, credit card information, IDs, Passports, reward programs, frequent flyer numbers, website logins such as Gmail, Hotmail, Facebook, Amazon, Youtube, software licenses, calling cards, lock combinations and more. You can also add new custom fields to store other information.

Password Manager comes with a self destruct feature that can be configured to clear out your information after 5, 10 or 20 failed login attempts. There is also a login report which shows if there were any failed login attempts.

The App uses AES 256-bit encryption to protect your confidential information.

You can backup and restore information via Wi-Fi and iTunes. Currently there seems to be a bug trying to backup/restore through Wi-Fi.

The lite version lets you store a maximum of 6 items. To store more items you have to download the Pro version which is called Password Manager Pro.

An advantage I saw on this App is that the master password to access it is strong (combination of letters, symbols and numbers). You can also set a pattern as password to log in to the App.




SecureSafe allows you to store passwords and files. The App uses AES-256 and RSA-2048 encryption.

The master password to access it is strong (a combination of letters, symbols and numbers).

A drawback I experienced is that you can only add new passwords while connected to the Internet.

The SecureSafe Free account allows you to store up to 50 passwords and 10MB of storage quota. Other options such as the SecureSafe Pro and SecureSafe Silver cost $18 and $51.60 per year respectively.

An interesting feature is that you can add beneficiaries for data inheritance. This means that if anything happens to you, your appointed beneficiaries will receive your confidential information.

Keeper Password & Data Vault for iPad


Keeper is an easy to use password data vault app. Your confidential information can be accessed from different devices (iPad, iPhone, computer) using an email address as reference.

The information is encrypted on your device using 128-bit AES ciphers.

The master password is strong (combination of letters, symbols and numbers). Similar to the previous described App, it also has the self destruct feature that erases all the confidential information after 5 failed login attempts.

Keeper comes with different Themes that customize the look and feel of the App.

A cool feature I saw was the possibility of generating passwords for new records or accounts.


Another feature I liked was the option to share individual records with other Keeper backup users.

Something I was not thrilled about was the auto-fill option. Instead of automatically entering the username/password, you have to tap on the fields and then tap the auto-fill buttons for username and password. Certainly not a deal breaker but thought it was important to mention it.

The App has a 30 days free trial.

Password Manager HD


With a single tap, Password Manager can automatically log you into websites using the usernames and passwords stored. The App lets you store webmail, credit card, ID, bank account, passport, insurance card and more

It includes a password backup manager that lets you download and restore a backup of the password database into and from your computer using Wi-Fi.

A drawback I found is that the master password used to login to the App is weak. It is just a combination of 4 digits.
On the plus side, anytime you leave the App (or switch between Apps), you have to enter your master password to login.

The lite version lets you store a maximum of 5 items. To store more items you would have to download the full version which is called Password Vault Safe HD Pro.


oneSafe stores your confidential information using AES-256 encryption.

The App allows you to store credit card numbers, bank accounts, usernames and passwords, documents files such as Word, Excel or PDF as well as pictures.

The App also has an auto login feature that automatically logs you into websites with simple tap.

An advantage oneSafe has is the possibility to synchronize information between several devices using iCloud.

Similar to other Apps previously described, you can configure self destruction of your confidential information after several failed login attempts.

The App costs $5.99.

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